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Simple, proportionate and effective operational risk and regulatory consulting for banks, investment firms and non-financial organisations.


About JADEtc.

We have recently established The JADEtc. Partnership to provide Consulting Support and Training on Operational Resilience and Operational Risk.

 We have almost 100 years of practical experience gained at the regulator, in large financial institutions and in consulting between us.

We understand that solutions must be proportionate to the scale, nature and complexity of the organisation and do not utilise oven-ready solutions or off-the-shelf approaches developed for other clients. We work with our clients to develop simple, effective and proportionate approaches to your problems. One of our core values is the ‘use test’. We do not believe in tick-box approaches to risk and compliance that are inefficient and unsustainable. We believe that this is fundamental to delivering value - which should always be the objective of risk management.

Between us we have the experiences and skills to support your journey to Operational Resilience.


Latest JADEtc News

In this section we keep you updated on JADEtc activity, including our latest papers and articles, training courses and conferences, and projects.

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Reasons for Optimism

In this article looking back on the year that was 2020, we explore some reasons for much needed optimism.

Operational Resilience - Regulatory Expectations and How We Can Help

In these slides we provide an explanation on regulatory expectations with regard to operational resilience and how these may be addressed.

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Operational Resilience - The Return to the Office

As the pandemic moves into its next phase, many firms will be considering asking staff to return to the office. JADEtc have produced the attached paper, containing insight into some of the issues firms should take into account as they embark on this process. We hope you find the paper useful and please get in touch if we can help. 

Operational Resilience - Webinar with Aptivaa

Operational Resilience has become a critical capability as banks and other financial institutions strive to continue operating in the new normal, following the COVID-19 crisis. Board’s and senior management’s immediate focus is on identifying and mitigating areas where weakness in its operational resilience was exposed. The near to mid-term outlook remains highly uncertain, with a possibility of a second wave that will further test the banks operational resilience. 

Aptivaa held a webinar on 21 July on the need for Operational Resilience, its building blocks and linkages with existing Operational Risk and Business Continuity Management frameworks. 

Panelists- Andrew Sheen Alok Tiwari David Goodyear Dr Jimi Hinchliffe MCSI SIRM FIOR

Watch a recording here:

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JADEtc Feature in training on operational resilience

JADEtc Partners, Andrew Sheen (speaking on the regulatory background to operational resilience), David Goodyear (speaking on identifying important business services and mapping) and Jimi Hinchliffe (speaking on frameworks) each presented in the organised 4 day virtual training masterclass on Operational Resilience in June 2020. The event was well received and there was great engagement with the global audience of professionals.

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Andrew Sheen

Andrew Sheen spent eight years at the UK regulator, firstly in the FSA and subsequently at the PRA. In his time with these authorities Andrew was manager of the Operational Risk Policy Team before moving to head the team responsible for providing Operational Risk subject matter expertise to supervisors.

Andrew has worked in Operational Risk since the late 1990s. After his time at the regulator, he became Head of Operational Risk Use and Embedding at HSBC. Following this work, he became Head of Operational Risk Regulatory Risk Management at Credit Suisse where he worked with both the Swiss (FINMA) and UK (PRA) regulators.

Andrew represented the UK on the Basel Committee for Banking Supervisors Operational Risk Working Group and the European Banking Authority’s Operational Risk Working Group where he was involved in drafting the following regulatory documents:

  • The Principles for the Sound Management of Operational Risk (June 2011)

  • Supervisory Guidelines for the Advanced Measurement Approches (October 2010)

  • Recognising the Risk-Mitigating Impact of Insurance in Operational Risk Modeling (October 2010)

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Jimi Hinchliffe

Jimi has over 25 years’ experience in operational risk, compliance and regulation. After completing his PhD. on financial regulation and public choice economics, Jimi joined the UKFSA where he worked first as an operational risk policy specialist, then as a bank and investment bank supervisor, and finally as the lead on Basel 2 Implementation in Wholesale Firms. He then joined a GSIFI and for 8 years led teams on regulatory affairs, risk and compliance policy.

Since 2016 he has run his own risk consultancy supporting a range of clients on operational risk and regulation, including operational risk framework development, GRC implementation, RCSA, operational resilience and risk appetite.

Since 2017 Jimi is also Chair of the Institute of Operational Risk England & Wales. Jimi is a Fellow of the IOR and a Technical  Specialist of the Institute of Risk Management.

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David Goodyear

David Goodyear has over 30 years experience in the Banking Industry including MD Roles in Risk Management and Operations and is a Risk SME from both a First and Second Line perspective. He founded NDS Consulting in 2020 and has extensive experience in Risk Frameworks, Risk Appetite, Governance, Enterprise Risk, Operational Risk, Operational Resilience and Operations Management.

At MUFG, a GSIFI Bank he established independent Risk Frameworks including Committees and Operational Risk Departments. In close collaboration with Front Offices and Senior Management he designed and introducing RCSA, Risk & Control frameworks, KRIs, KPIs and Management Information.

David has successfully designed and led many major programmes including: Implementation of a Risk Appetite Framework within extremely tight timescales (3 months) specified in a UK Regulatory RMP; Reporting direct to CEO for EMEA, reviewed, updated and streamlined EMEA HQ’s Governance Framework including ToRs to ensure clear segregation of duties between the three lines of defence;  Introduced an Operational Resilience Framework at the Enterprise Wide level using extensive experience to integrate existing frameworks and tools (e.g. BCM, Op Risk, RCSA, Delegated CF10a).


Our Services

Operational Resilience

Operational resilience is the major focus of UK and global regulators and The JADEtc. Partnership can support firms on delivery of operational resilience in line with the regulatory requirements. By utilising an Operational Resilience Wrapper and fully leveraging their existing operational risk management tools and frameworks (including BCM) firms can gain efficiencies and deliver operational resilience, and The JADEtc. Partnership can help you do this.

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JADEtc. is experienced in providing training on a range of topics including operational risk, operational resilience and regulatory compliance. We have worked with CefPro, Incisive Media and the IOR on delivering training and seminars.

Operational Risk Consulting

Reviews and gap analyses against good practices and regulatory requirements, risk assessment framework design, implementation and enhancement, policy drafting, governance, MI creation, and recommendations for improvements. Advice on incorporating 'conduct' as a lens in the operational risk framework.

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